What to see at Seafood Expo Russia 2021?

What to see at Seafood Expo Russia 2021?
31 August 2021

IV Global Fishery Forum & Seafood Expo Russia is the largest business event Russian the fishing industry. More than 390 exhibitors from 40 regions of Russia and 21 countries will come to the exhibition, the business program schedule includes more than 20 events.

At the same time, in order to make the visit memorable for a long time, in addition to the business part, the organizers have prepared several entertainment zones for visitors.

Aquarium and pool

The exhibition will be decorated with an aquarium with wild fish, a pool with aquaculture sturgeon fish and trout, foster with mollusks.

An aquarium with wild marine fish will be located in the passage, at the entrance to the exhibition pavilion. It will be populated with fish from Russia, which taste we all know well from childhood: flounder, navaga and cod. Among its inhabitants also: sea anemones, algae, molluscs, sea urchins and trepangs.

The inhabitants of the aquarium are cold-water biological resources of the White Sea. To create comfortable conditions, the system is equipped with a monoblock refrigeration unit, two pumps, two sand filters and a set of lamps based on RGB-LEDs.

The sturgeon and trout pool – a closed loop water supply demonstration unit - will be located in the aquaculture area. Sturgeon fish and trout are one of the most valuable cultivated aquatic biological resources - objects of aquaculture in Russia and the world. Moreover, artificial rearing of sturgeon is one of the few opportunities to restore their population.

The aqua system is equipped with a life support system, which includes equipment for purification, disinfection and thermoregulation of water. Water purification is carried out using a drum filter and a skimmer. Water disinfection is carried out using an ultraviolet sterilizer based on energy-efficient low-pressure lamps that neutralize up to 99% of harmful organisms and bacteria. Water cooling is carried out by an environmentally friendly autonomous refrigeration split system with an external condenser-fan unit. For demonstration at the exhibition, the refrigerator was mounted in a monoblock format.

The presented life support equipment is universal for solving any aquaculture tasks and is produced in Russia.

Photo zones

Within the framework of two photo zones, it will be possible not only to take a picture surrounded by the inhabitants of the seas and oceans: exotic fish, trepangs, octopus and squid, but also to print a photo for free as a souvenir.

Photo exhibition from Mediapaluba

The Mediapaluba project is a modern, professional and convenient media about shipbuilding, shipping and the production of ship equipment. The exhibition will feature a wide exposition of photographs of vessels of various types and purposes.